zOMG Hoodie Concepts

September 24, 2009

How about a break from RIG art? 😛

Kokeshi kimono

Gnome Legion

Near the release of zOMG I got a chance to design some RL merchandise for Gaia Store. Unfortunately, I went a bit overboard on the hoodie designs and they were never used.

Some unlucky person had to open up my huuuuuge vector files and make something infinitely more feasible out of them, resulting in the merchandise currently available.



September 23, 2009

*attaches jumper cables to the blog’s nipples*

LeXBox was born out of a horrible moment of pun followed by hours of regret and embarrassed silence… And then we made a RIG about it. Above is my original sketch of Coma!Lex; Nightmare Jester (on Gaia) is responsible for the awesome artwork in the banners 😀

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go clean my room and then sleep like a dead fish for many many hours.

Mirror from Dark Reflection

September 10, 2009

My sketch for the Mirror from Dark Reflection. I designed it in vector, but decided that the final would look nicer painted…

So I handed it off to Ethe and she imbued it with awesome.

Kanoko in Wonderland

August 28, 2009

Full illustration of the image used for promoting the Dark Reflection RIG

Dark Reflection Sketches

August 26, 2009

Why is no one else postiiiiiiiiing

Have some character sketches:

And you thought Nic looked suspicious AFTER I revised it. Btw thanks to Juno and Celesse for Moira/Sasha and Rina/Agatha, Ethe for Kanoko, and Derlaine for the main character artwork of Kanoko and Radio Jack ❤

Also Orinkage:

ORAORAORINwait that’s the wrong shonen manga

August MC Artwork

August 18, 2009

I need to learn how to draw man’s hands. All I have for reference are my little chubby femmy girl hands. Feh.

Also here’s a whole bunch of figure sketches I did to try and decide what pose to do, because it was Friday afternoon and I was panicking. This brilliant process is why I don’t generally show my presketchings and why I end up with shit like feet coming out of people’s crotches.

Thanks to Ethe for the tips and textures!

Mid-Summer Swirl mini comic

August 14, 2009

Reapersun helped me with the dialog
here’s the rough stage:

Summer Event backdrop!

August 13, 2009

This isn’t as cool as Ethe’s header T_T. There was some miscommunication about dimensions, so the one you see in the actual event ended up being even less cool XD. SORRY T_T.

Venus world (no mermans, not interesting?)

August 6, 2009

This was fun to paint, I was given the chance to blatantly overuse the color Turquoise ( actually, I personally believe there is no such thing), so here’s the result! I’m happy it’s earned (for the most part) approval from our users as I remember the Prom Heaven room I made awhile back was not met with such positivity XD. The backdrop for Reaper’s lovely mermangz, minus the logo :).


August 5, 2009

Since the Venus world went over so well, I figured I’d post the raw sprites for everyone’s enjoyment; these are the older versions before Jen added water effects and shirtssss (because a shirtless waiter dripping his pec sweat into your margarita isn’t terribly appealing… well, to most people)

Also those are totally totally random block men and not ohsocleverly disguised censor blocks. There is nothing interesting back there. Honest.