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zOMG Hoodie Concepts

September 24, 2009

How about a break from RIG art? 😛

Kokeshi kimono

Gnome Legion

Near the release of zOMG I got a chance to design some RL merchandise for Gaia Store. Unfortunately, I went a bit overboard on the hoodie designs and they were never used.

Some unlucky person had to open up my huuuuuge vector files and make something infinitely more feasible out of them, resulting in the merchandise currently available.


Tha Rivals! My favorite unused NPCs ;_;

July 12, 2009

Well, sort of used? They currently appear on the clans page:

The white haired guy was my concept, and the armor guy is 0_8’s. I really liked some of the concepts for quests that came up with these two, but I haven’t been working on Zomg for a long time now, so I’m not sure if there are still any plans to use them. I even made a wallpaper that was never released:

Sweet Shot’s unofficial official name is Julian :O

Second poost…..

July 9, 2009

Getting this STARTED YO!!!! Here’s an early sketch of Blaze that I’m not sure has seen the light of day. Her design was a crazy mishmash of a couple people just going off of whatever someone else had done at the time. Very disorderly, very unorganized. Ultimately it sort of worked out, though most of us on the art team would like to see more character development for her (and others) in the game ;).

Blaze! She has man-face sorta :(.