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Azrael Process

October 21, 2009

Initially, we didn’t know what NPC was going to be used for the October RIG. We knew it was going to be something devilish, so I doodled a little:

Super girly

Lol Zack ?

Then reapersun/jenzee decided to use the cash shop items as a base for the NPC. Jenzee made these sweetass items:

Some initial sketches. The items weren’t done at this point so I made up details as I went along.

Final Sketch, Photoshop
Many hours later. Jenzee also suggested adding the bloody wing (which is also an item that was added later?)


the cake is not a lie..

October 20, 2009
you just have to be lucky.. T ^ T

Mirror from Dark Reflection

September 10, 2009

My sketch for the Mirror from Dark Reflection. I designed it in vector, but decided that the final would look nicer painted…

So I handed it off to Ethe and she imbued it with awesome.

Kanoko in Wonderland

August 28, 2009

Full illustration of the image used for promoting the Dark Reflection RIG

Mid-Summer Swirl mini comic

August 14, 2009

Reapersun helped me with the dialog
here’s the rough stage:

Lonely Star promo image

July 29, 2009

1024×768 wallpaper

STARring Saiph from the Fallen Wish item

Lonely Star RIG

July 22, 2009

concept arts for RIG:






I also worked on kanoko doll, happy capsule, star suit, and twinkle the space goat.