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zOMG Hoodie Concepts

September 24, 2009

How about a break from RIG art? 😛

Kokeshi kimono

Gnome Legion

Near the release of zOMG I got a chance to design some RL merchandise for Gaia Store. Unfortunately, I went a bit overboard on the hoodie designs and they were never used.

Some unlucky person had to open up my huuuuuge vector files and make something infinitely more feasible out of them, resulting in the merchandise currently available.


My First MC Sketches

July 26, 2009
My first concept arts for Gaia MC September 2006……it’s almost 3 years old… O_o
man…time passed by like crazy. I was still in Chicago and about to move to San Jose.
There was some bitter sweet memory… I kinda missed it.

Rejected Registration System

July 12, 2009

One of my early project in Gaia~~ I was told to make some background arts.
The first 4 panels were totally being rejected, since they didn’t represent any of Gaia towns (I just made them up.. orz)

then I made these layouts with Barton Town buildings, but they also didn’t get trough… orz, since it felt too childlike with those pastel and bright colors, but they still used the buildings asset with different layouts and desaturated the colors (i think they used it for comic bg too sometimes)

I still have more of these buildings 4-views drawing. Might post it sometimes later~