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Azrael Process

October 21, 2009

Initially, we didn’t know what NPC was going to be used for the October RIG. We knew it was going to be something devilish, so I doodled a little:

Super girly

Lol Zack ?

Then reapersun/jenzee decided to use the cash shop items as a base for the NPC. Jenzee made these sweetass items:

Some initial sketches. The items weren’t done at this point so I made up details as I went along.

Final Sketch, Photoshop
Many hours later. Jenzee also suggested adding the bloody wing (which is also an item that was added later?)


Human Radiojack

October 13, 2009

Just doodling. Perhaps one of Brennivin’s spells?

Dernier Cri

October 6, 2009

The non-crack stuff I drew

It’s not how big it is, it’s how you use it

October 2, 2009

Almost forgot about this bonus pic. Brennivin is describing uhm…“Viking swords“. Kanoko has to hold her skirt down. Radio Jack is unimpressed.


October 2, 2009

Some doo doo doodles I did to get used to drawing Brennivin. I think I drew his butt wrong in the top pic, reapersun plz show me the way.


October 1, 2009
Something silly I doodled while warming up for the Dernier Cris illustration. I hope reapersun won’t kill me haha.
Once upon a time there was a perpetually jobless girl named Kanoko

“Oh if only I wasn’t jobless, I would have enough gold to go to Cresento’s Ball!”
Brennivin the fairy godmother was moved by her unemployment and decided to grant her wish

Radiojack got turned into a horse to pull the carriage

If it doesn’t make sense, read the comics : Part 1 Part 2

Tha Rivals! My favorite unused NPCs ;_;

July 12, 2009

Well, sort of used? They currently appear on the clans page:

The white haired guy was my concept, and the armor guy is 0_8’s. I really liked some of the concepts for quests that came up with these two, but I haven’t been working on Zomg for a long time now, so I’m not sure if there are still any plans to use them. I even made a wallpaper that was never released:

Sweet Shot’s unofficial official name is Julian :O