the cake is not a lie..

you just have to be lucky.. T ^ T

19 Responses to “the cake is not a lie..”

  1. Mike "Kosher" Kroll Says:

    Ha! XD So the mysterious, no-named cat DOES exist!

  2. Otsu Says:

    tease T ^T

  3. teri Says:

    why?! why must they be so rare? does gaia hate cats and cat lovers?

  4. musing Says:

    Please stop making the kitties so rare… 😦

    There's so many exceedingly common dog items of high quality, I don't understand why cats can't get the same treatment? 😦

  5. Spookula Says:

    Argh…I'm so disapointed that yet another rig cat item is so rare….this time even more rare than kitten star. Why make the cat so rare?

  6. GPJaxies Says:

    This doesn't really make much sense. If I thought there was a decent chance at getting these very fine items, I'd actually buy RIGs and open them. There are too many elite-level items in this RIG. I know you don't decide the rarity, but please pass this message on to the people who do. I'd happily buy them if I felt there was a decent chance to get the items I actually want.

  7. Laine Says:

    omg so cute!! T_T

  8. Mizu_no_Ryu Says:

    Cute ~ owo
    That's all I have to say ~ XD ❤

  9. hannahjasmer Says:

    It makes me really sad that all the really cute/wanted items are almost impossible to get.
    I got a bundle and only got cheap stuff. The people who I've talked to that have gotten the Marionette and nicer items bought several bundles. Some of us can't afford a ton of them, and really shouldn't be buying one in the first place, so why not make the good items easier to get?

  10. madscientist5629 Says:

    Cute kitty! I like it a lot more than the kitten star, and I hope someone finds one soon so that my hopes of ever owning one can be completely dashed -_-

  11. S2D Says:

    Thousands of boxes being opened and not a single one appearing?

    I call shenanigans.

  12. Pie Says:

    How lucky is lucky? Struck-by-lightning lucky?

    I just want it to appear on the marketplace so I can see all its cute poses!

  13. Kat Says:

    I don't see why you guys can't just add it to the Market just so we all know the name and poses.

  14. Dominique Says:

    Hey guys, I've been a Gaian since 2004 and I love your work.
    I have a simple idea I'd like you to seriously consider when creating your items. It would require practically no effort on your part, but it would go a long way toward user satisfaction with your items.

    When making items that are or include sets of armor, please add a pose (final pose for EIs) that is a full set of the armor.
    More on this: tinyurl dot com slash yhgmq33

  15. becky Says:

  16. becky Says:

    ick sorry, I meant this:

  17. Liesbeth Says:

    The name of this cat probably refers to how lucky you must be to get it and it's black. I smell a little pun as they say black cats are usually the bringers of bad luck if you come across them on friday the 13th.

    Or am I just seeing things? o.o

  18. Sacher Torte Says:

    How much of a geek does it make me that I got that Portal reference…?

  19. Ezra Says:

    You know, Halos should be rare, NOT some kitty out of a RIG. This is ridiculous.

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