Human Radiojack

Just doodling. Perhaps one of Brennivin’s spells?


9 Responses to “Human Radiojack”

  1. gem2niki Says:

    gijinka!! laine on bishi mode.

  2. Ms. Knitpicky Says:

    YES, PLEASE! 😀

  3. mercuria Says:

    Ummmm, yes. *_*

  4. Euri Says:

    OMG!! *dies*

  5. Mike "Kosher" Kroll Says:

    …….So this is going to actual happen, right? RIGHT?

  6. Mizu_no_Ryu Says:

    Mmmm ~ I like. ❤

  7. meimitzu-chan Says:

    That's pretty hot right there. >w<

  8. Hell Tutor Says:

    It's an interesting concept but I am not sure about the hair color.

  9. atsime Says:

    I want his hair. ovo

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