Some doo doo doodles I did to get used to drawing Brennivin. I think I drew his butt wrong in the top pic, reapersun plz show me the way.


12 Responses to “Brennivin”

  1. Aprilmdesigns Says:

    Love this character already. I think you did a great job on him. 🙂

  2. Unbridled Originality Says:

    As the head of his fanthread, I can say "Oh joy!"

    Then collapse, foaming.

  3. Ronald Says:

    Luff, luff, luff!!!!! *o*

  4. meimitzu-chan Says:

    OMG HOTTT *o* Especially with him having his shirt like half off. *Drools*

  5. reapersun Says:

    Brennivin is too classy to smoke weeny little cigarettes, so he carries a whole cigar box in his back pocket :O

    (wtf you are amazing)

  6. rosesforarrows Says:

    super smothering, before you know it fan girls will be begging for the Brennivin SDPlus doll. ^_^

  7. Mizu_no_Ryu Says:

    I should've gotten the Brenni doll while he was still unknown ~ T^T

  8. Mike "Kosher" Kroll Says:

    My word he's gorgeous! Now if only he wanted a sexy lover from the CQ…..Ufufufu…..BREN! COME QUEST FOR A HAT SO I CAN LOCK YOU AWAY IN MY CHARITY!

  9. madscientist5629 Says:

    Is he…playing with his nipples?

  10. Laine Says:

    madscientist > I thought he was just opening his shirt but now I cannot unsee that

  11. Copeh Says:

    Dx Can I play with his nipples too?

  12. Liesbeth Says:

    Uwawawa HOTT! *w* I LOVE the sketch of Brennivin with his shirt half off *drools*

    (sorry for spamming up the comments)

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