Something silly I doodled while warming up for the Dernier Cris illustration. I hope reapersun won’t kill me haha.
Once upon a time there was a perpetually jobless girl named Kanoko

“Oh if only I wasn’t jobless, I would have enough gold to go to Cresento’s Ball!”
Brennivin the fairy godmother was moved by her unemployment and decided to grant her wish

Radiojack got turned into a horse to pull the carriage

If it doesn’t make sense, read the comics : Part 1 Part 2

7 Responses to “Kanokorella”

  1. reapersun Says:


    first panel brennivin looks AMAZING

  2. Laine Says:

    hahah he looks FIERCE!!

  3. Ethe Says:

    I want a Radiojack horseyy D:
    Can we make him a long distance cousin of Radiojack?

  4. tevokkia Says:

    That's hilarious …

    …wait, IS Cresento having a ball?!

  5. Laine Says:

    ethe> haha sure, that would be funny to have a blood relative that is a different species for no reason.

  6. rosesforarrows Says:

    i second the horsey idea! ❤

  7. Kindy Says:

    Radiojack horsey, oh please? =w=

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