Hidden VILLAGE!!!!

FOR REALZ! jk jk. A non logged in page for Gaia :d. There are a couple of us who really want to world-inize all of Gaia so that Gaians have a clear feeling of location and the “world” they reside in. We’ll see what happens O_O!!!! Where is this located? I don’t know :O. Maybe Bass’ken? Maybe not? That’s not Fremere though ;).


6 Responses to “Hidden VILLAGE!!!!”

  1. VQ Says:

    WHY ARE YOU BRILLIANT? This is effing gorgeous!

  2. Carey Says:

    This is a beautiful painting.

    Looks more like Aekea or maybe Durem in the background to me though…

  3. snarkygoldfish Says:

    I'm impressed. Some of us have been asking for a greater look into Gaia's world for years. Thank you for delivering. 🙂

  4. number the first Says:

    JenZee can we all just love you for a bit? k.

  5. Ronald Says:

    So pretty ~ >w< ❤

  6. Trixsy Says:

    I saw that screen when I went to log in one day… one of the best I've ever seen and I MISS IT!

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