Kanoko in Wonderland

Full illustration of the image used for promoting the Dark Reflection RIG


5 Responses to “Kanoko in Wonderland”

  1. Vicener Says:

    Really pretty. I specially love her dress/vest/suit.

  2. [/ωyattƒisher] Says:

    Hey, I'm curious, Laine, what's your gaia username? I've never been able to figure that out. I may just be really stupid and have seen you before but didn't know you were the same person…sorry.

  3. samedimai Says:

    I finally found where all the sketches come from! X3 yay! Great job!!! *clap clap*

  4. Laine Says:

    wyattfisher> I use xXNaruto-KageXx right now. My user profile is at http://gaiaonline.com/p/1910328

  5. omgtehcolors Says:

    I always wondered what the orginal sketches look like before they're made into those peppy pretty finished beings! who knew they were SO different. I love the blag, btw! i just finished reading all the posts. 😀

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