Summer Event backdrop!

This isn’t as cool as Ethe’s header T_T. There was some miscommunication about dimensions, so the one you see in the actual event ended up being even less cool XD. SORRY T_T.


6 Responses to “Summer Event backdrop!”

  1. reapersun Says:

    You crazy Jenzee. This is my new laptop wallpaper. Much better than the cat wearing lingerie and socks :O

  2. Kam Says:

    I think it's awesome in it's own right! I love the reflection in the water

  3. Ethe Says:

    it's soo..pretty!!!
    and I remembered it was already awesome even though you just painted it in the first 5 minutes TT____TT so..shut up Jen..
    *cries in the corner*

  4. VQ Says:

    You paint the best landscapes! I loves them so. ♥

  5. Melaugh Says:

    I am going to use this as my wallpaper. So wonderful. ❤

  6. Laine Says:

    Jen why doesn't your home look like this?

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