Venus world (no mermans, not interesting?)

This was fun to paint, I was given the chance to blatantly overuse the color Turquoise ( actually, I personally believe there is no such thing), so here’s the result! I’m happy it’s earned (for the most part) approval from our users as I remember the Prom Heaven room I made awhile back was not met with such positivity XD. The backdrop for Reaper’s lovely mermangz, minus the logo :).

8 Responses to “Venus world (no mermans, not interesting?)”

  1. Laine Says:

    Yeah I disapprove of the lack of mermans 😡

  2. Reggie Says:

    I still love it.
    It is now my wallpaper. xD

  3. Carey Says:

    I really love this painting…I like the textures of the statue and the ribbons on her leg.

  4. alicoopersays Says:

    using this as my computer bg! so pretty

  5. bluekitty124 Says:

    I love it even though there is no merman! Very pretty! Now is my background on my computer.

  6. Henrique Says:

    ooh, thanks for the higher res! I absolutely *love* your style and colors! *.*

  7. Henrique Says:

    btw, I loved the Heaven art too! ❤

  8. Emma Says:

    Nice work. It makes a lovely background screen even without those lazy mermen bum.

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