Since the Venus world went over so well, I figured I’d post the raw sprites for everyone’s enjoyment; these are the older versions before Jen added water effects and shirtssss (because a shirtless waiter dripping his pec sweat into your margarita isn’t terribly appealing… well, to most people)

Also those are totally totally random block men and not ohsocleverly disguised censor blocks. There is nothing interesting back there. Honest.


16 Responses to “Merpeoples!”

  1. scullylam Says:

    hot dog!!! you know, the shirtless versions are not bad either. and nice censor bar creatures. one thing that was kinda funny is while in the venus world, i kept looking at coustou. nicolae-ish hair? XD anyway, love the designs. ^_^

  2. dancelikeahampster Says:

    A few people and I were talking how awesome those would be as companions.
    I freaking love Jaws.. so cute. And Chowder, though mainly for the name.

  3. pokememon1115 Says:

    Love all the different types of mermen ~ ❤

  4. pinkberrytea Says:

    Reeeeeeeeap. You know us fangirls want mer-companions…..Waffles demands it! You MUST obey!

  5. Kam Says:

    The block men… they so hawt!!!! >w<

    Sand Dancer Shaka

  6. Melaugh Says:

    I like the Merman, even as a guy. I want the clothes from the non-mermen.

  7. [/ωyattƒisher] Says:

    "Since the Venus world went over so well"
    Are you serious? Have you seen the SF lately?

    Anyways, lovely art :]

  8. Retro Says:

    I love the Venus World. My favourite sponsor world yet! Companion poses pretty please? lol cause I know I'm totally the first one to ask for that C;

    oh and. . .

    <.< dibs on Ika >.>

  9. reapersun Says:

    @Wyatt: Lol I should have specified, it went over well *art-wise* XD

  10. Lee Says:

    I love Ika.

  11. Laine Says:

    My favourite is the one floating belly up lol.

  12. [/ωyattƒisher] Says:

    @Reaper: OH! Ok…makes much more sense now. x]

  13. Kristin Says:

    Thank you so much for making mermen. Its one of the best things I've seen on Gaia! MOAR PLEASE!! I love them all. There so cute/hot!

  14. kittdawn Says:

    AH thank you for posting the Mermen!
    I was trying to capture them myself, but saw that I couldn't.

    And the World for Venus is beautiful.

  15. J Says:

    So yeah. Next time you guys have a super secret meeting at Gaia HQ, someone should mention how it would be a great idea to release them in a EI.

    I'd pay top quality monies for a few of those. (* A *)

  16. Merit Says:

    i srsly dig the waiters hair especially the black one. im so hoping u guys could release it.
    The venus world is awsome btw

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