Case of Pietro :O

My illu for my new EI(s):

I worked all week trying to refine a different composition for this illustration, and then yesterday on the train to work I doodled this one D:
I was working on it until 4:15 today, so, sorry for the late EIR…

6 Responses to “Case of Pietro :O”

  1. Matt Says:

    Awesome job. I knew right away that it was you behind the item. I'm interested in what'll come of this!

  2. [/ωyattƒisher] Says:

    It looks awesome so far!
    And in a thread on the forums, we realized that if you turn it sideways, it makes SO much more sense! 😀

  3. Tevokkia Says:

    Sweet! We had been wondering who was behind this one. Looking forward to seeing what else comes of it!

  4. [/ωyattƒisher] Says:

    Wait…EI(s)…with an S?
    Is this for both Pietro AND Catastrophe?

  5. veeetwo Says:

    Reaaapeeersun!! !!
    Pleaaasee confirm some of our speculation? ):

  6. Laine Says:

    I like the interesting composition, it's very different from what is usually done on Gaia.

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