RIG and CS Update Bomb

Bunch of the art from the new RIG and my elf guy from the Fantasy Update…

I realized I forgot to fix his humongoid hand…

Cygnus looks like a dark elf D: Oh and old HE changed a lot in the final, from a brown dwarf star to a more faded look.


3 Responses to “RIG and CS Update Bomb”

  1. bitsucker Says:

    I love your art works! I really can't wait to see future ones! The lonely stars have to be my favorite NPCs so far.

  2. Laine Says:

    Mr. Crux keeps giving me bad items! :O

  3. nimue-sin Says:

    I noticed the hand, but it was only after looking at your picture long enough to find ways to convince my friend that Briar is male. Effeminate bishi elf type ftw.

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